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Latest News: RedSoft offering a high quality and complete hands-on training programs on Tableau, Java, .Net, Cloud computing, VMware Administration, Linux Administration, UNIX/LINUX shell scripting, Python scripting, Mobile platforms on Android and iPhone and etc.
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RedSoft Courses

Tableau Training in Hyderabad

Tableau Desktop - Tableau Server



∑ What is Data (Structured and Unstructured)

∑ Big Data and its tools

∑ Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Decision Making

∑ Charts

∑ Tableau Introduction(Visual analysis for everyone)

∑ Tableau Architecture

Definitions and Tableau Terminology

∑ Tableau Book

∑ Dimensions, Measures and Data

∑ Sheet and Work Sheet or Dashboard

∑ Marks, Filters, Quick Filters and Pages

∑ Columns and Rows

∑ Show Me

Managing Data Connections

∑ Microsoft Access

∑ Microsoft Excel sheet and Text file

∑ Import from work book

∑ Mysql or postgresql

∑ Oracle

∑ Joins

Managing and Creating Worksheets or Dashboards

∑ Understanding data

∑ Building Views & Dashboards

∑ Dimensions/measures

∑ Dashboard Filters

∑ Dashboard Parameters

∑ Dashboard Actions

∑ Totals

∑ Creating pages

∑ Dashboard Sets

∑ Data Grouping

∑ Annotations

∑ Rich text

∑ Implementing Hierarchies

∑ Working with Calculations

∑ Working with Images/Charts/Cross Tab

∑ Create & Combine Sets

∑ Forecasting

∑ Data Story

∑ Legend Highlighting

∑ Fields maps

∑ Adhoc-Groups

∑ Secondary Axes

∑ Scatter Plots

∑ Trend Lines

∑ Sheet sorter

∑ Other Formatting Options

Advanced Tableau

Other Advanced Topics for Corporate Batch

∑ Efficiency Tips

∑ Statistical Calculations

∑ Logical Calculations

∑ Table Calculations

∑ String Calculations

∑ User and Type Calculations

∑ Date Calculations

∑ Authoring for Interactivity

Tableau Advanced Charts Corporate Training (any 5 charts)

∑ Benfordís Law

∑ Boxplots

∑ Bollinger Bands

∑ Bump Charts

∑ Control Charts

∑ Funnel Charts

∑ Histograms

∑ Pareto Charts

∑ Waterfall Charts

∑ Treemaps, wordclouds and Bubble Charts

Tableau Advanced Topics for Corporate Training

∑ Google Analytics


∑ Hadoop

∑ Sales Force

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