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Latest News: RedSoft offering a high quality and complete hands-on training programs on Java, .Net, Cloud computing, VMware Administration, Linux Administration, UNIX/LINUX shell scripting, Python scripting, Mobile platforms on Android and iPhone and etc.
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RedSoft Courses

Python Programming

With MySQL - Real Time Faculty


- Introduction to Python

- Installation of Python

- Input and Output

- Builtin Functions

- Variables, Operators, Operands,

- Numerics, Expressions

- Strings

- Datastructures : Lists Tuples Dictionaries/Maps

- Conditionals and Boolean Logic

- Loops or Repetition Structures

- Functions

- Files

- Exceptions

- Pattern Matching : Regular Expressions

- Networking : Sockets and Web Programming

- Database Programming

- Modules and Libraries

- Object Oriented Programming

- Decorators and Iterators

- GUI Programming

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