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Latest News: RedSoft offering a high quality and complete hands-on training programs on Java, .Net, Cloud computing, VMware Administration, Linux Administration, UNIX/LINUX shell scripting, Python scripting, Mobile platforms on Android and iPhone and etc.
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RedSoft Courses

Linux Administration – EL 6

The Complete RHCE Track


Linux Basic Administration-I

History of UNIX and LINUX

Advantages of LINUX

Linux products/services

Basics of OS, Kernel, Shell

Understanding the file system

Importance of Run levels

Running commands

Understanding the basic Shell

Vi, vim text edition

Basic system configuration tools

Creating users and groups

Basic file permissions

Investigating and managing processes

Basic networking in Linux


Linux System Administration-II

Installation of Linux

Objective:Interactive, NFS, FTP, HTTP, Kick start)

System initialization and Kernel initialization

Understanding INIT process

YUM Package installation

Objective:RPM installation and up gradation, verification of RPM)

User and Group Administration

Objective: Modifying user profile, assign users into different groups, quotas for users, users security files


Objective:understanding sudoers file

Objective:Adding users in to sudoers file

File permissions

Objective:Numeric Method

Objective:Character Method

Advanced file permission

Objective:SUID, SGID and Sticky bit


In – Depth Linux File system

Objective:Dis partition, Fdisk, e2label, mount, Umount, fstab, quotas on partition


Objective:Understanding SWAP Partition

Objective:Creating the SWAP

Objective:Increase / Decrease SWAP partition size


Objective:Enable Quotas on Partitions

Objective:Create Quotas for users

JOB Schedulers

Objective:Crond job and AT Job

RAID - Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

Objective:Implanting the different RAID levels

LVM - Logical Volume Manager

Objective:Creating logical volume, volume groups

Objective:Increase/decrease Lvm

Backup and Recovery

Objective:various types of backup media

Objective:Backup,Restore,Tar,CPIO commands

Networking Concepts

Objective:Creating IP Address

Objective:Monitoring, Route Network Traffic

Objective:Secure Network Traffic

Trouble shooting

Objective:Recover the password, recover the MBR, editing fstab, inittab , boot, grub.conf file, recover the initab and bash

Shell Scripting

Objective:File level scripting

Objective:Schedulers Scripting

Objective:Administrator Scripting


Linux Network Administration-III

NFS - Network File System

Objective:NFS Server and NFS Clients Exports directories for NFS Clients, NFS Security

NTP Server and Client Configuration

VNC Server and Client Configuration

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

Objective:Configuring FTP Server and client, with Security

Web Server / Apache or HTTPD

Objective:Configuring HTTPD Server for multiple sites, different types of virtual hosting, Authentication for HTTPD

Squid - Proxy Server

Objective:Configuring squid, and ACL’s


Objective:Configuring Samba server, File sharing with Authentication for samba service

DNS - Domain Naming Services

Objective:Understanding DNS services, Configuring DNS a primary /secondary

DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Objective:Configuring DHCP server for different clients and Authentication

Mail Server - (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)

Objective:Configuring SMTP (sendmail) service, Configuring POP3/IMAP services, SSL’s

NIS - Network Information Service

Objective:Configuring NIS server and NIS client, Creating NIS users with authentication

LDAP- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Objective:Understanding and Implementation LDAP

IP Tables and SE Linux

Objective:TCP wrappers, Iptables and SE Linux for local and network security

Virtualization with KVM

Objective:Managing virtual machine, Start/Stop

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